Astor Gravelle (cartoonmayhem) wrote in sbnn,
Astor Gravelle

I Joined a While Ago

But this is my first post. My son is exploring his sexuality. There's a 90% chance he's gay. I caught him in bed with another guy. But here's my question. Should I volunteer talking about it? Or should I wait for him to talk to me? Thanks.
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I would wait for him to talk to you and try to be as open and accepting as possible. Let him come to you on his own time.
Regardless of sexuality he might be a bit embarassed at being caught in bed with someone by a parent. Is it Ok with you him having someone else in bed? What level of privacy would you both like?
I think waiting for him to come to you would be the best idea, but at the same time you could maybe drop little hints that you are willing to discuss it and be open with him.
Whatever you decide, it's gonna be alright. The main thing is... you care and you are open to talk and understand.
I envy your son :) Good luck.