Meg aka Aunt Sharpie (singingnymph) wrote in sbnn,
Meg aka Aunt Sharpie

Victory: Federal Marriage Amendment defeated

(from The Campaign to Defend the Constitution)

Dear Megan,

Earlier today, the U.S. Senate voted 49 to 48 to defeat the discriminatory Federal Marriage Amendment. THANK YOU for all you did to stop this ridiculous attempt by the religious right to write bigotry into our Constitution.

This is the third time that religious extremists have pushed this Amendment to a vote in Congress. While once again the measure failed, the religious right is committed to continuing their campaign to violate the rights of gay and lesbian Americans.

Furthermore, the Federal Marriage Amendment is only one piece of their larger agenda. Their successful efforts to stop stem cell research, force bible classes into our public schools, and attack our children's science education leave no doubt that the religious right is on the warpath.

Thank you for your efforts to stop them today. The religious right is not backing down, and neither are we, but we need your help. Ask a friend or family member to join you and DefCon in our fight to stop people like James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, and Tony Perkins. Simply click here to tell a friend to join the Campaign to Defend the Constitution.

You'll be hearing from us soon on what's next. Until then, keep up the fight and stay tuned to the DefCon Blog for more updates.

Clark, Jessica, and the rest of the DefCon America team
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